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Axosoft Acquires SlickUpload (our first acquisition)

SlickUpload .NET Upload ComponentI’m proud to announce that last week, we completed Axosoft’s first acquisition (of hopefully many more to come). We purchased the SlickUpload .NET upload component. As part of the transaction, we also added the exceptionally talented Chris Hynes as the newest member of the fast-growing Axosoft development team.

SlickUpload is a leading component for allowing .NET developers to incorporate fast, memory efficient and scalable uploading into their software projects. We’ve been using the component in Axosoft’s Transfer Big Files offering for more than a year. The component is used to upload more than 1,000,000 MB of data and more than 30,000 files per day on the TransferBigFiles.com web site alone! It scales amazingly well.

With this acquisition, we’re making a few important changes. First of all, we are introducing a new SlickUpload Community Edition that will be 100% Free for personal use, non-profit organizations, open source projects and educational institutions. We are also reducing the price of the SlickUpload Redistributable license for a single application (unlimited servers) from $599 to $499.

Lastly, we will be dropping the Single Server $149 license effective November 30th, 2011. After that, there will be only 3 editions (see below). To purchase the single-server license now, visit the SlickUpload purchase page.

The 3 editions of SlickUpload will be:

  • SlickUpload Community Edition (Free!) – Restricted to personal use, non-profit organizations, open source projects and educational institutions. Will contain branding information with link to the SlickUpload web site.
  • SlickUpload Redistributable License ($499) – Use on an unlimited number of servers for a single application. You can also redistribute the product with one commercial application without any royalties. All branding information is removed on this version.
  • SlickUpload Source Code License ($2,499) – For those who need the additional peace of mind of holding the source code. License allows for the modification of source code for use on an unlimited number of servers for a single application or for redistribution inside of your own applications.

To learn more about SlickUpload, visit the SlickUpload page.

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