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My Apple Tablet Predictions

January 25, 2010 1 comment

A quick list of my predictions for Apple’s event later this week:

  • Tablet device with following specs:
    • Apple will not provide CPU or RAM specs as it will consider such specs unimportant (no need to confuse consumers)
    • 10″ display with multi-touch
    • Storage will be flash-based – 64 to 128 GB
    • It will have built-in front-facing camera
    • A new Tablet OS V1.0 will be introduced which will be different front iPhone and Macs (based on OS X, much like iPhone OS)
    • It will have a store (like the App Store) which will sell content such as books, magazines and newspapers in addition to media, apps and games
    • It will be a stand-alone device (in that it will not require a sync with a PC/Mac for content like the iPhone does)
    • It will offer its own version of iLife which will include tablet editions of iTunes and iPhoto
    • 5-Hour Real-Use Battery life (although they might advertise 7 or 8)
    • Built-in Wifi (N)
    • 3G Cell Service capable for both GSM and CDMA networks, but they will not announce the carrier yet (no need until launch)
    • $699 Unsubsidized price or $399 with 3G service + $39/mo
  • The tablet will have keyboard, mouse as well as external display support, but will ship with none of them
  • They will show off the Tablet SDK and invite developers to launch apps and media content for it
  • Launch of device will be in April to June timeframe
  • No mention of anything iPhone related (no iPhone 4.0, Verizon, etc.)

And it will be an awesome device to work with OnTime V10’s new Scrum Planning Board.

What do you think?

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The Ultimate Scrum Planning Board

January 19, 2010 21 comments

What if you could have a planning board that looked as beautiful as the one below? What if it allowed you to look at your product backlog by item type (defect, feature, tasks or even help desk incidents)? What if it let you look at them by product, version or sprint? What if it let you apply any of your private or public filters? What if it let you group your results by project, assignee, priority, severity or any number of other fields (including custom fields)? What if you could have a color-coded strip along the top of each card that visually told you the priority or the status?

What if you had all of that and more and you could drag-and-drop the cards to change the workflow step of an item or the assignee or the priority?

What if you didn’t have to ask any more what ifs? ALL of that is coming in OnTime V10. Here is a sneak peek screenshot:

OnTime Scrum Planning Board (Task Board)
OnTime 2010 WEB Planning Board

Oh wait, but what if you could have it as both a web application and as a Windows WPF application:

OnTime Scrum Planning Board for Windows
OnTime 2010 WINDOWS Planning Board

Are you excited yet?

You will be! OnTime V10 Beta will be out in February. All customers will have access to the beta when its released. Be sure to purchase OnTime now prior to the price increase at the end of March. More Info >

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